Free Embroidery Pattern: Pole Dancing


In honor of it being June, I decided that it was far past time to offer another free embroidery pattern! Click past the jump for the entire pole-dancing embroidery pattern! 


Why a pole dancer for a tea towel embroidery design? One, because pole dancing is beautiful and sexy, and who doesn’t want that all over their tea towels or any other embroidered surface? Also, I was inspired to draw a pole dancer for this pattern after spending Memorial Day Weekend at a mountain-side camp with a ton of queer folks who happened to bring a stripper pole that ended up in the lodge-turned-club.

Instructions: Print the pattern at whatever size you want to use and transfer it onto whatever surface you feel needs a pole dancer — I’d recommend printing the image on a 8.5×11 piece of paper and transferring it to a floursack tea towel — I use these Aunt Martha’s towels on Amazon, which are square and come in a set of seven and are actually really absorbant and, because most embroidery-specific transfer pens & paper are finicky to make work, I use these Pentel Drawing Pens as transfer pens, because they wash out of cotton really easily and have a great tip for drawing on fabric  — and figure out where you want your pole dancer to be. I’d recommend putting the dancer on the bottom right-hand corner of the towel and extending the pole up and down the entire length of the towel. Next, pick your favorite stitch type — personally I’m a fan of plain old backstitch, but you could use stem stitch, split stitch or any stitch that gets you a line weight you like — and get stitching!

Again, this pattern is free for non-commercial use ONLY. Do not distribute the pattern off of this site (i.e. if you want to share it, link back to this post instead of re-uploading the pattern elsewhere).


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