Work Completed: Emily Moldy benefit poster


Here’s the completed gig poster I was working on last week for a friend’s fundraiser where Emily Moldy played. What?! You haven’t heard of Emily Moldy? Go here right now and listen to My Own One and don’t be surprised when you end up playing it on repeat for the rest of the day.

A bit about this illustration: because the circumstances of this particular performance were so over-the-top ridiculous, I felt like the poster for the performance needed to be equally as whimsical and ridiculous. And while it wouldn’t have been particularly kind to all of the musical instruments, I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised if the night of performances, which included Emily Moldy, a lecture on dubstep, several drag performances, a ukelele sing-along and face-painting, actually had ended up with people performing in the (defunct) hot tub.

I also wanted the piece to reflect some of the singer’s personal style — the earth tones with yellow highlights come from some of her existing promotional materials — and some of the specifics of the, er, venue — the plants in the poster (clover, sourgrass, passionflower, morning glory, climbing roses, jasmine, plus some other kind of vine I’m not sure of the name of) are all in the hot tub in question’s backyard, as is the trellis and Yoda the Cat.

The poster was designed as an 18×24 inch regularly sized gig poster  so that you can really enjoy the ridiculous detail the poster goes into, from the woodgrain on the hot tub & guitar & trellis to the hand lettering on the date & time.

PS: Like what you see? I’m available for hire for freelance illustration & graphic design projects.


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