Scarlet Tentacle +’s Armory Workshops

2013-12-17 00.37.24

My naughty ornament class at’s Armory was last week and it was so much fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better, more enthusiastic group of students than the 30+ folks who showed up for class & trusted me to teach them how to make naughty ornaments.




Here’s some photos from the gorgeous classroom I got to use at’s Armory:

Funny story about these photos: I was snapchatting friends pictures of the classroom before the class started — I got there, oh, only an hour early. Just in case. — because I was SO IMPRESSED by this fucking room; it’d been years since I’d been to the Upper Floor, and they’ve come such a long way, and instead of being blown away by how huge the tables are and how well engineered they are, my friends thought I was sadly sharing pictures of a class that no one had showed up for.

2013-12-18 19.06.26

Nope, not empty: all those seats were filled with holiday cheer. But they’re giant! The chairs came up to my chest, and the tables can probably support, oh, at least 500lbs of porn performers on each table.

2013-12-18 19.06.19

2013-12-18 19.07.54

Pornaments waiting to be embroidered!

2013-12-18 19.07.21

NBD, just a chest full of sex toys.

2013-12-18 19.06.54

The Upper Floor wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Peter Aceworth,’s founder. I love how wonderfully smarmy he looks in this photo — when I met him a few years ago, he was incredibly kind and very drunk and not wearing any pants.


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