an illustration just because

Just dropping in to quickly share an old illustration I created for my last job that I don’t think I ever shared here. It’s one of my favorites — it’s illustrating a very long piece of medieval-themed erotica, hence the stained glass inspiration. Amity Simone was one of my porn pseudonyms for my last job […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: Fun with Vexel Art

Here’s a quick peek at what I’m currently working on this fine Wednesday afternoon: this is a smallish part of a rather overdue poster for a local singer who did a itty-bitty concert at a friend’s house during the Hot Tub Fundraiser! I still need to do some rather significant work on the entire thing […]

May the Fourth Be With You, always, even if it’s late.

Whoops! Things got a bit hectic in my life this weekend and I was literally kept from posting this until now because I was rescuing plastic babies from burning buildings all weekend & learning how to move 6,000lbs of concrete with a couple of sticks of wood and physics. Also, for the record: lifting & […]

Orange & Pink Embroidered Vagina from Scarlet Tentacle

Oh hey, it’s a new addition to the rainbow of embroidered vulvas in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! This particular embroidery was created as a fundraising raffle auction for the  2013 Oakland production of the Vagina Monologues, which was raising funds to benefit the inspiring Communities United Against Violence (CUAV). From CUAV’s website: Founded in 1979, […]

Happy Halloween from Scarlet Tentacle!

OK, so it’s probably a bit late in the season for a Halloween party invitation to be actually useful, but still: it’s the thought that counts, right? And plus, how many Halloween invitations out there feature sexy semi-nude pin-up ladies with alternative lifestyle haircuts draping themselves over gianormous pumpkins that ALSO incorporate the word spooktacular? […]

BDSM embroidery artwork update

A close up of some of the embroidery work I’ve been up to lately. This piece, and several others like it, came out of my reflections on the BDSM community’s interest in flagging – the sense of the hankie code as well as our leather pride flag –  as well as the practice of having […]

So This Is The New Year…

…and I don’t feel any different. Which, considering all the fantastic things that happened for my work in 2011, is quite a good thing. It was also a Long December, so. It feels a bit like soggy pickles to rehash what happened in 2011, even though 2012 is only a few days old. Oh well! […]

Happy December! Lots of New Pin Up Art and Naughty Embroidery

Why hello there and happy December! It’s good to be back after my unexpectedly long hiatus (hello there concussion and appendix removal, you both suck and I miss derby). I’ve got a bunch of new, exciting pieces up in ye old Scarlet Tentacle shop, so if you want some sexy handmade goodness in your stocking […]

Wednesday Progress: Vagina Dentata!

So today is Wednesday, and here is a picture of a mostly not-in-progress embroidered vagina dentata. Originally created as an illustrated-ish submission for the Sci-Fit themed third issue of Salacious Magazine — as a queer-identified artist I find the idea of vagina dentatas alluring, dangerous, otherworldly and strangely sexy, so — this embroidered vagina dentata […]

Scarlet Tentacle Shop Update: Mid-July Madness

New in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! Ooo La La! A Burlesque Coloring Book for Adults 14 Burlesque Beauties for you to color however you like! (You could also use them as a pattern book for hand embroidery patterns, which folks have done with my coloring books in the past. Some of the drawings from the […]