Scarlet Tentacle Winter Craft Show announcements

Big news, everybody! I’ve mostly finished moving into my new place, whose bathroom has now been fixed in such a way that the toilet is no longer in danger of falling through the floor into the basement. The place I now live still lacks functional hot water, but toilet-related bodily functions can now be performed […]

Embroidered Vagina Dentata

Remember that embroidered vagina dentata I was working on a few weeks ago? Here it is in all its finished glory! The customer for this custom piece requested an off-white fabric instead of the usual magenta background I usually use for the dentatas. I think it came out well this way, no? If you want your […]

Orange & Pink Embroidered Vagina from Scarlet Tentacle

Oh hey, it’s a new addition to the rainbow of embroidered vulvas in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! This particular embroidery was created as a fundraising raffle auction for the  2013 Oakland production of the Vagina Monologues, which was raising funds to benefit the inspiring Communities United Against Violence (CUAV). From CUAV’s website: Founded in 1979, […]

19 Unabashedly Sexual Pieces Of Needlepoint You Can Own – Buzzfeed

Heyyyy, my erotic embroidery is on Buzzfeed! Number 9, that’s my embroidery, my unabashedly sexual, Georgia O’Keefe-esque embroidery. I can’t wait to read all the angry comments about how terrible my embroidery is!

Happy December! Lots of New Pin Up Art and Naughty Embroidery

Why hello there and happy December! It’s good to be back after my unexpectedly long hiatus (hello there concussion and appendix removal, you both suck and I miss derby). I’ve got a bunch of new, exciting pieces up in ye old Scarlet Tentacle shop, so if you want some sexy handmade goodness in your stocking […]

Wednesday Progress: Vagina Dentata!

So today is Wednesday, and here is a picture of a mostly not-in-progress embroidered vagina dentata. Originally created as an illustrated-ish submission for the Sci-Fit themed third issue of Salacious Magazine — as a queer-identified artist I find the idea of vagina dentatas alluring, dangerous, otherworldly and strangely sexy, so — this embroidered vagina dentata […]