Scarlet Tentacle at Renegade Handmade, San Francisco 2013

Renegade Handmade in San Francisco was, oh, a week ago, and with that, the 2013 holiday season is officially over, as far as I’m concerned. Hooray! On to 2014 and new adventures and venues. Again with the less-than-great photos of my booth this year! I’m really happy with the layout, but not so with the […]

Scarlet Tentacle Winter Craft Show announcements

Big news, everybody! I’ve mostly finished moving into my new place, whose bathroom has now been fixed in such a way that the toilet is no longer in danger of falling through the floor into the basement. The place I now live still lacks functional hot water, but toilet-related bodily functions can now be performed […]

SF Rengade Handmade is this weekend!

Last reminder, I swear! This Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 7pm Scarlet Tentacle will be at booth 25 in Fort Mason Center at San Francisco’s Renegade Handmade. I’ll have new, not-yet-released-on-the-internet coloring books for adults, greeting cards, posters, art prints and more. In addition to my coloring books for adults & other naughty sundries, […]

Scarlet Tentacle at Renegade Handmade

I know, I know, I’ve beaten you over the head with reminders about this. But just in case you’ve forgotten, I’m going to be vending at Renegade Handmade this weekend at Fort Mason in San Francisco. I’ll be at booth 25 with a huge selection of new & fan-favorite coloring books, greeting cards and other […]

Renegade Handmade sneak peek!

I’m in the middle of preparing to vend at Renegade Handmade on July 27th & 28th — here are a few shots of my preparation! This is the stack of coloring book pages I need to fold and assemble. This stack iss somewhere between 700 and 800 pages of paper and is not the end […]

Scarlet Tentacle at SF Renegade Handmade July 27-28th

It’s that time of year again: Scarlet Tentacle will be at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason this July 27th & 28th. I’ll be at booth 25 with my just-under-6-feet-tall wooden pin-up sign both days & will have oodles of brand new merchandise debuting at the fair; there will also be 249 other […]

Pontification on Wooden Pin-Up Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to this edition of Scarlet Tentacle’s Ye Olde Pin-Upe Woodshoppe, in which I will share in exhaustive detail how to construct a nearly 6 foot tall wooden automaton constructed out of plywood, ink, sweat, tears, acetone and unicorn hairs. I know! It’s everything you never knew you wanted! Step one, not pictured: […]

National Masturbation Month

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month?! It is! What is Masturbation Month, you ask? Sugar Butch explains:  Good Vibes founded National Masturbation Month in 1995 in the wake of the controversy surrounding the firing of former Clinton administration Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who evoked conservative wrath when she opined that discussion of […]

Scarlet Tentacle x Bay Area Derby Girls Season Opener

Grab your beer coozies & your suicide seats because Scarlet Tentacle will be vending at the Bay Area Derby Girls season opener on March 2nd at 6pm at the gorgeous Craneway Pavilion in Richmond!  Come say hi & watch the Richmond Wrecking Belles go head to head with the ShEvil Dead. Need more of a […]

Scarlet Tentacle at Renegade Handmade in San Francisco!

It’s that time of year again — the Renegade Handmade craft fair in San Francisco! Scarlet Tentacle, my lovely shop full of audacious handmade goodness, will indeed at this year’s show — I’ll be in booth 42 with a ton of new work, a smile and, most likely, a cup of coffee and a daydream […]

It’s never too early to plan ahead.

1. Are you in the Bay Area and do you or someone(s) you know like crafts, locally produced gifts and hipsters? Of course you do! Get out your calendars & mark off December 15th and 16th for the annual Renegade Handmade Holiday Fair at the San Francisco Concourse. Though it might be a bit early […]

Scarlet Tentacle at San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

Hey folks, Just a quick reminder — if you’re in the Bay Area this weekend and you love pin-up girls/coloring books/stickers/bikes/hipsters on bikes/swear words, you should come and visit me at Renegade Handmade! Scarlet Tentacle will be at Booth #15 at the show, which is at the Festival Pavilion of Fort Mason. Come say hello […]

Renegade Handmade Plus Words to Live By

Words to live by, yes? I first saw this phrase as part of a graffiti stencil; the words ‘Fuck Shit Up’ were accompanying a portrait of Frida Kahlo, a personal hero of mine, and I was so taken by the combination of the two that I started sketching my ideas for turning the motif into […]

Happy December! Lots of New Pin Up Art and Naughty Embroidery

Why hello there and happy December! It’s good to be back after my unexpectedly long hiatus (hello there concussion and appendix removal, you both suck and I miss derby). I’ve got a bunch of new, exciting pieces up in ye old Scarlet Tentacle shop, so if you want some sexy handmade goodness in your stocking […]

Things You Should Know: Late July, Early August Edition

As usual, the Bay Area is full of sexy fun things to do all the freaking time and it continuously frustrates me that I am not capable of teleporting in and out of all the great events going on. Here is a small selection of some fantastic events that could use your support! Berkeley Kite […]

Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace: July, 2011

Holy cow, it’s a new (sub)header! Also: July! There is so much stuff going on that I am going to, and it would be awesome to meet you at some of these events, hypothetical internet reader, and to further provide proof that I am indeed a real person. Please be prepared for my ridiculous awkwardness. […]

Let’s Dance: Pride 2011

They wish we were invisible. We’re not. Let’s dance. So way back at the beginning of May when I was sitting down and plotting a posting schedule of one thing a day for May, June and possibly July, this series was one of the first things I decided I wanted to do: “What happens in […]

Things You Should Know About: More Vampyres!

Here is this week’s edition of Things and Stuff You Should Know About. It actually has no vampyres in it at all, except for the somewhat random illustration above, which is a quick sketch I drew over the weekend while catching up on the first two seasons of Dr. Who. Scarlet Tentacle’s List of Things […]

Event-Things Full of Awesome That You Should Know About

Do you ever get that feeling that there is SO MUCH AMAZING STUFF to do ALL AT ONCE that you have to lie in bed with the covers pulled up and a cat purring on your chest in order to process it all? Just me? OK. Still: There are amazing things in to do in […]

Reminder: 100th Episode of the Crashpad Series Live on Saturday, May 14th

Reminder: The live-streaming of the 100th Episode of the Crashpad Series will happen on Saturday May 14th, 2011 2:30PM PST, and end at 5PM PST. Saturday is the 100th episode of the Crashpad Series! The legendary Nina Hartley and genderqueer superstar Jiz Lee are performing a scene together for two and a half hours and […]