Free Embroidery Pattern February

Inspired by this illustration from long ago, here’s a free embroidery pattern for February! As always, the pattern is free for personal, non-commercial use and if you do decide to embroider with it, send me a picture! I love seeing your embroidery projects. To get an XXL version of the pattern, click on the image […]

Free Embroidery Pattern: Pole Dancing

In honor of it being June, I decided that it was far past time to offer another free embroidery pattern! Click past the jump for the entire pole-dancing embroidery pattern! 

Happy Halloween from Scarlet Tentacle!

OK, so it’s probably a bit late in the season for a Halloween party invitation to be actually useful, but still: it’s the thought that counts, right? And plus, how many Halloween invitations out there feature sexy semi-nude pin-up ladies with alternative lifestyle haircuts draping themselves over gianormous pumpkins that ALSO incorporate the word spooktacular? […]

Half Naked Thursday Free Embroidery Pattern: Ghost-chair-rific!

It’s Half Naked Thursday and it is also the last day of June, 2011 (WTF), so that means a free, HNT-themed embroidery pattern featuring a pin-up girl in her panties sitting on a vectored approximation of a ghost chair. To get a copy of the pattern, click on the image above or this link to […]

Let’s Dance 2011: Frida Kahlo

In the early days of my coming out process, I found myself searching for other queer women to look up to as a way of understanding myself — I still do, actually, and probably always will. One of the reasons I believe that we as a community need visibly out folks, why it is important […]

Let’s Dance 2011: Alan Turing

In my second year of university I took a linguistics class that focused on Cryptology and Computer Science, and Alan Turing‘s name came up briefly in the section of famous code breakers working at Bletchly Park during World War II; the textbook included a side note about Turing’s contribution to computer science and artificial intelligence, […]

Scarlet Tentacle Pin Up Girl Illustration – Free Embroidery Pattern, now with more Tentacles

Finally, tentacles from Scarlet Tentacle! It only took me a year and a half or so to draw some. So: I’m starting a monthly tradition of designing a free pattern for hand embroidery each month. Here is the free pattern for May from Scarlet Tentacle… Since I’ve been procrastinating for months about dealing with image […]