an illustration just because

Just dropping in to quickly share an old illustration I created for my last job that I don’t think I ever shared here. It’s one of my favorites — it’s illustrating a very long piece of medieval-themed erotica, hence the stained glass inspiration. Amity Simone was one of my porn pseudonyms for my last job […]

Between a Butch & a Femme Place

Are you a fan of Scarlet Tentacle? Chances are yes, seeing as you’re here. If so, you might like a new project that I’m working on: It’s called Between a Butch & a Femme Place, and it’s a personal project about body image, fashion, gender identity, gender presentation, queerness, intersectionality and more, and it’s got […]

Work Completed: Emily Moldy benefit poster

Here’s the completed gig poster I was working on last week for a friend’s fundraiser where Emily Moldy played. What?! You haven’t heard of Emily Moldy? Go here right now and listen to My Own One and don’t be surprised when you end up playing it on repeat for the rest of the day. A […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: Fun with Vexel Art

Here’s a quick peek at what I’m currently working on this fine Wednesday afternoon: this is a smallish part of a rather overdue poster for a local singer who did a itty-bitty concert at a friend’s house during the Hot Tub Fundraiser! I still need to do some rather significant work on the entire thing […]

Sexy Zombies Attack! An undead coloring book for adults from Scarlet Tentacle

Oh hey, it’s a new coloring book full of sexy zombies, now available in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! Here’s the Official Description: Sexy Zombies Attack! is an adult coloring book that features cover to cover bloodthirsty brain-crazy pin-up zombies, all dangerously ravenous, curvy and delightful. This bevy of brainy ladies comes ready for you to […]

Workday Sounds: a little bit country, a little bit slide guitar

Why hello, it’s Friday night and I am neck-deep in all kinds of work. Here’s the playlist that’s currently on an endless loop in my office: it’s a little bit country, a little bit slide guitar and a little bit illustrated with the Noisettes’ Shingai Shoniwa & lyrics from their bad-ass song Don’t Give Up. Ready […]

Things I’m Reading: Butch, Please

Over on, Kate wrote a thought-provoking article about the shape that misogyny often takes within queer communities. As someone who has spent the last several months becoming more involved in the queer social scene in the Bay Area while swinging wildly through multiple facets of the gender presentation spectrum, from high femme to androgynous queer […]

Work in Progress: Outline View

My illustration work is primarily done in, wait for it, Illustrator, and every once and a while the illustration looks just as interesting in Outline View, with all the vector paths snaking around all at once. This particular outline view is from a gig poster for a local backyard concert that uses lots of faux […]

WIP Wednesday: blah blah blah

I like drawing skulls, OK? This Wednesday’s actual work-in-progress: I’m taking a class about rock poster design and the project I’m working on is for an upcoming BRMC gig at the Fillmore. This is a super-duper rough draft of the design, which is referencing BRMC’s upcoming album, Specter at the Feast, which in turn is […]

Happy Halloween from Scarlet Tentacle!

OK, so it’s probably a bit late in the season for a Halloween party invitation to be actually useful, but still: it’s the thought that counts, right? And plus, how many Halloween invitations out there feature sexy semi-nude pin-up ladies with alternative lifestyle haircuts draping themselves over gianormous pumpkins that ALSO incorporate the word spooktacular? […]

Renegade Handmade Plus Words to Live By

Words to live by, yes? I first saw this phrase as part of a graffiti stencil; the words ‘Fuck Shit Up’ were accompanying a portrait of Frida Kahlo, a personal hero of mine, and I was so taken by the combination of the two that I started sketching my ideas for turning the motif into […]

Happy December! Lots of New Pin Up Art and Naughty Embroidery

Why hello there and happy December! It’s good to be back after my unexpectedly long hiatus (hello there concussion and appendix removal, you both suck and I miss derby). I’ve got a bunch of new, exciting pieces up in ye old Scarlet Tentacle shop, so if you want some sexy handmade goodness in your stocking […]

One of Those Days, Weeks: Happy Friday and Half Naked Thursday

Happy Friday! As usual, the vaguely summer weather brought out the extraordinarily loud shouting in our neighborhood – especially the violent-angry-shouting-should-we-call-the-cops-shouting from the couple from two doors down – along with the people driving around with loud-engined cars that set off car alarms at 3am and the scream-playing kinds running amok next door. Logically I […]

Scarlet Tentacle Shop Update: Mid-July Madness

New in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! Ooo La La! A Burlesque Coloring Book for Adults 14 Burlesque Beauties for you to color however you like! (You could also use them as a pattern book for hand embroidery patterns, which folks have done with my coloring books in the past. Some of the drawings from the […]

Half Naked Thursday: Femme a Barbe

Happy Half Naked Thursday! I was thinking about Harry Dodge, who was a professor of mine in college, and Femme a Barbe, which sounds fantastic, and voila! This HNT sketch was created. I’m in the middle of trying to create forty thousand pieces of things to sell at Fabulosa Fest this weekend, so I sadly […]

Hooray, no cancer here!

So: due to a persistent case of phantom boob pain and some lumpy bits, I had to have a mammogram earlier this week. Luckily the results came back all clear and I won’t have to declare war on any extra-boobular substances in my tits. Hooray, no cancer here! So I’ve repurposed a sketchy draft of […]

Half Naked Thursday On Friday: this is really happening.

So. Apparently I lasted about a month and a half before letting down my grand, one-post-a-day blogging capacity, as this post is debuting on Friday, rather than said naked Thursday. Oh well. I don’t have much of an excuse, besides that once one gets behind on posting, it is harder to catch up than it […]