Things I’ve been up to recently: a photographic essay.

Above: a custom piece from the end of 2013 I’d forgotten to post about here. You can order your own custom-made embroidered vagina from the Scarlet Tentacle shop. Things I’ve been up to recently: a photographic essay. 1. Working on this piece for an auction benefiting CCWP and the Oakland production of the Vagina Monologues. […]

Tentacle Uterus

Hello, random visitor, I made you a thing: OK, so really it’s a fallopian tube tentacle monster, but you get the point. Is this what the GOP is picturing when they attempt to legislate women’s bodies? Also: do I really want to know what else comes up when one searches for tentacle uterus on the […]

May the Fourth Be With You, always, even if it’s late.

Whoops! Things got a bit hectic in my life this weekend and I was literally kept from posting this until now because I was rescuing plastic babies from burning buildings all weekend & learning how to move 6,000lbs of concrete with a couple of sticks of wood and physics. Also, for the record: lifting & […]

Hardcore (1976) Crafts

A friend of mine recently gifted me this treasure trove of 1970’s what-the-fuckery (“I saw it and immediately thought of you!”) and by jove, it is full of the most 1970’s erotic crafts you can imagine. And more. Lots more. Regretsy levels of more ‘erotic crafts’. More strangely unsettling craft-art than you can shake a […]

Authenticity vs. Privacy, Now With More Douche-Canoes & Clusterfuckery.

A few days ago, to quote Wikipedia’s front page news blurb, “A Gay Girl In Damascus, a popular opposition blog about the 2011 Syrian uprising, is revealed to be a hoax.” Which is a factually true statement: the blog is a hoax, perpetuated by a 40-year old straight white cis man from the USA. Tom […]