Things I’ve been up to recently: a photographic essay.

Above: a custom piece from the end of 2013 I’d forgotten to post about here. You can order your own custom-made embroidered vagina from the Scarlet Tentacle shop. Things I’ve been up to recently: a photographic essay. 1. Working on this piece for an auction benefiting CCWP and the Oakland production of the Vagina Monologues. […]

Embroidered Vagina Dentata

Remember that embroidered vagina dentata I was working on a few weeks ago? Here it is in all its finished glory! The customer for this custom piece requested an off-white fabric instead of the usual magenta background¬†I usually use for the dentatas. I think it came out well this way, no? If you want your […]

Work in progress in the afternoon sun

Here’s a quick snap of a custom embroidered vagina dentata I was working on last week in the afternoon sun. My super-shiny faux-snakeskin gold clutch that houses my in-progress embroidery projects turned into a perfect reflector as I was sitting next to my garden window and binge-watching The Good Wife as I worked on this […]

Orange & Pink Embroidered Vagina from Scarlet Tentacle

Oh hey, it’s a new addition to the rainbow of embroidered vulvas in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! This particular embroidery was created as a fundraising raffle auction for the ¬†2013 Oakland production of the Vagina Monologues, which was raising funds to benefit the inspiring Communities United Against Violence (CUAV). From CUAV’s website: Founded in 1979, […]

19 Unabashedly Sexual Pieces Of Needlepoint You Can Own – Buzzfeed

Heyyyy, my erotic embroidery is on Buzzfeed! Number 9, that’s my embroidery, my unabashedly sexual, Georgia O’Keefe-esque embroidery. I can’t wait to read all the angry comments about how terrible my embroidery is!

Work in Progress: giant embroidered vagina dentata!

You can’t quite tell from this photo, but the piece whose pattern you can see in the background is over two feet tall by two feet wide. For comparison, the embroidered vagina dentata in the front is about 5 inches wide. 2013: the year of giant embroidered vagina dentatas! Also, can you tell that one […]

WIP Thursday: Moar Vagina Dentata!

I’m getting ready to vend at Indie Mart this weekend – it’s on Sunday, August 19th from 12pm to 7pm in Potrero/Mission at Thee Parkside and Wisconsin Street between 16th & 17th so come and say hi! if you’re in the Bay Area & like crafted vaginas and other pin-up goodness for adults – and […]