Free Embroidery Pattern February

Inspired by this illustration from long ago, here’s a free embroidery pattern for February! As always, the pattern is free for personal, non-commercial use and if you do decide to embroider with it, send me a picture! I love seeing your embroidery projects. To get an XXL version of the pattern, click on the image […]

BDSM embroidery artwork update

A close up of some of the embroidery work I’ve been up to lately. This piece, and several others like it, came out of my reflections on the BDSM community’s interest in flagging – the sense of the hankie code as well as our leather pride flag – ¬†as well as the practice of having […]

Kira Scarlet, Femina Potens, Queer Health & Lyon-Martin

So. Hello! This has not been my week for posting blog things particularly productively, but it has been my week for some epically productive embroidery work! Which is particularly fortuitous productivity, given that the show I was madly embroidering for is being hung tomorrow. I am so happy with how these pieces came out and […]

Early Morning/Late Night BDSM Embroidery Update

So! I spent an inordinate amount of time working on my submittal package for an art show only to find that I’d missed the deadline in one of the most frustrating forms of missing a deadline ever: bad planning and the US Mail Service. (That sentence makes very little sense until you get to the […]

Work In Progress Wednesday: Lyon Martin Galore!

This week’s work in progress is full of a new piece I’m working on for a show to benefit Lyon Martin! I’ll post full pictures as soon as I’m finished with it — the main embroidery work is complete but the washing & ironing & hanging & figuring exactly how to display this gianormous piece […]

Scarlet Tentacle in Meatspace, April and May 2011

Hey, Internet! Come and meet me at these Extra-Special Upcoming Events! April 30th: Femina Potens’ Art of Restraint at Mission Control in San Francisco! I’ve never been to an Art of Restraint event (and I don’t know if this is a first time that fine artists will be making work at the same time as […]

Embroidery Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Ah, Wednesday. After a summer full of blustery winter weather (and three days of an unexpectedly extreme heat wave), it is suddenly hot and muggy on the first day of September. I’m trying to work away Making Things and Taking Care of Stuff (like unpacking the bazillions of boxes full of stuff I can’t find) […]