Things I’ve been up to recently: a photographic essay.

Above: a custom piece from the end of 2013 I’d forgotten to post about here. You can order your own custom-made embroidered vagina from the Scarlet Tentacle shop. Things I’ve been up to recently: a photographic essay. 1. Working on this piece for an auction benefiting CCWP and the Oakland production of the Vagina Monologues. […]

Pontification on Wooden Pin-Up Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to this edition of Scarlet Tentacle’s Ye Olde Pin-Upe Woodshoppe, in which I will share in exhaustive detail how to construct a nearly 6 foot tall wooden automaton constructed out of plywood, ink, sweat, tears, acetone and unicorn hairs. I know! It’s everything you never knew you wanted! Step one, not pictured: […]

OMG Seattle Photos, Or: Curses, Foiled Again

Woe is me, my working vacation got in the way of my scheduled posting. Hypothetical internet readers, I will make it up to you soon with a plethora of posts and pictures and illustrations and naked ladies — I’ve got pages and pages of chicken-scratch writing and notes, but it is taking me longer than […]