Wednesday Progress: Vagina Dentata!

So today is Wednesday, and here is a picture of a mostly not-in-progress embroidered vagina dentata. Originally created as an illustrated-ish submission for the Sci-Fit themed third issue of Salacious Magazine — as a queer-identified artist I find the idea of vagina dentatas alluring, dangerous, otherworldly and strangely sexy, so — this embroidered vagina dentata […]

Half Naked Thursday: Femme a Barbe

Happy Half Naked Thursday! I was thinking about Harry Dodge, who was a professor of mine in college, and Femme a Barbe, which sounds fantastic, and voila! This HNT sketch was created. I’m in the middle of trying to create forty thousand pieces of things to sell at Fabulosa Fest this weekend, so I sadly […]

Salacious Magazine Issue #2, or, Fuck Yeah Queer Feminist Smut!

Sunday was a pretty fabulous day: the weather felt slightly of summer — I spent a glorious 15 minutes sunbathing/napping/drawing on our porch (without sunscreen!) before checking the mailbox to find that my copy of Salacious Magazine had arrived! Which, of course, led to me running around my house shouting fuck yeah! and scaring my […]

Half Naked Thursday #1: Next Morning, Or, An Ode to Oversized Button Down Shirts.

I first read about Half-Naked Thursdays a few years back, as a newbie to the sex-positive blogsphere, and though I have yet to find it in me to participate directly by posting my own photos (Hello, body image issues! We are long-time enemies!) (and hello, past bad experiences with privacy), I do want to be […]

Above the urinal, needles in hand.

(Most of) the poster for this year’s Fabulosa Fest… Funny story about that poster: I was at el Rio last weekend and one of my friends came back from the men’s urinal really, reaaly excited about something: Him: Guess what I just saw in the urinal?!!? You’ll never guess! Me: (oh dear god I really, […]