Things You Should Know: Late July, Early August Edition

As usual, the Bay Area is full of sexy fun things to do all the freaking time and it continuously frustrates me that I am not capable of teleporting in and out of all the great events going on. Here is a small selection of some fantastic events that could use your support! Berkeley Kite […]

Salacious Magazine Issue #2, or, Fuck Yeah Queer Feminist Smut!

Sunday was a pretty fabulous day: the weather felt slightly of summer — I spent a glorious 15 minutes sunbathing/napping/drawing on our porch (without sunscreen!) before checking the mailbox to find that my copy of Salacious Magazine had arrived! Which, of course, led to me running around my house shouting fuck yeah! and scaring my […]

Work In Progress Wednesday: Now with more awkward, eyepatches and ravens.

Today’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday: I needed a representation of me for a bio for Salacious Magazine (!!!) and this is what I concocted. Yes, the image is based on a photo of me. Yes, I actually do wear an eyepatch from time to time (really) (and not just because I like pirates). No, I don’t have […]