Karma Pervs WIP Wednesday

Work In Progress Wednesday:

This week has been an unexpectedly up and down week. I’m so tired right now I’m having trouble typing full sentences.

On my work table for this week’s WIP:

Last WIP of September

Karma Pervs, geomeric designs for my other shop, a new redwork piece based on a photo from ‘An Open Invitation’, my stupid antibiotics, handcuffs from the Folsom Street Fair, and the bazillion rocks I collected from our camping trip last weekend.

rock collection

The bazillion rocks I collected from our camping trip in Myers Flat (which is both where it’s at and the origin of my dog bite!) last weekend.

This is actually a teeny tiny portion of the rocks I have collected over the years; I’m trying to figure out what exactly to do with them all.

Redwork WIP

Design in progress based on a photo from ‘An Open Invitation,’ a movie I helped organize! It’ll be done in red, like most of my outline pieces.

Pain Slut Bag

Coming soon to Etsy!

One of the pieces I made for the Folsom Street Fair. I love love love how this one came out.

Karma Pervs Ahoy!

My submission for Jiz Lee’s amazing Karma Pervs project!

From Jiz’s website:

Exclusive monthly photo sets, each a fundraiser to benefit good causes, the non-profit organizations & projects I support!
When I was nominated for 2010 AVN Awards “Best New Web Star”, I realized that there was an incredible opportunity to use this new visibility to support some amazing organizations — and at the same time, provide me with a project where I could work with my favorite photographers and have fun getting my creative juices flowing!
Each month, I’ll post a new exclusive photo set with images taken by exciting photographers and visual artists. Every month, the proceeds raised will be donated to a different non-profit organization in my community. Each set has approximately 50 photographs, a private blog post, surprise extras, and an archive of each organization and how much was raised.
Past organizations include: STOP AIDS Project, Center for Sex & Culture, St. James Infirmary, San Francisco Sex Information, and Lyon-Martin Health Services. Goodies have been donated by VirtuallyAdult & Crystal Delights, Sugar Sex Toys, and Babeland. Karma Pervs has been featured on Violet Blue’s TinyNibbles, Carnal Nation, Fleshbot, and many more.

This month, in honor of Jiz’ birthday, they asked for submissions from artists, and since Jiz is one of my favorite performers (and a lovely person to boot), I absolutely had to make something. I have a few different designs drawn out but only had time to actually embroider one; hopefully I’ll have time to make the rest soon. If you’re not familiar with their work, go go go now – Jiz’ blog is fantastic – they are fierce, articulate and talented – and her performances are amazing.

Gosh, for being so tired I managed to type quite a bit.

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