About Kira Scarlet & Scarlet Tentacle

Kira Scarlet Vagina Dentata naughty embroidery

Scarlet Tentacle Work In Progress via Portraits To The People

Scarlet Tentacle is a design label by me, California designer & illustrator Kira Scarlet. Scarlet Tentacle features an irreverent line of greeting cards, accessories, embroidered art & gifts with naughty & cheeky twists that often upend and recombine traditionally masculine & feminine spaces like pin-up illustrations and hand embroidery to create fresh & unexpected original designs for adults.

My artwork & illustrations have appeared in venues & magazines like the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Femina Potens gallery, Salacious Magazine, the Berkeley Art Museum, Autostraddle and more. I’m a regular vendor at Renegade Handmade shows & other indie craft fairs.

Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Are you interested in custom work, embroidered, drawn, vectored or otherwise? I am too! Email me at ScarletTentacle [at] gmail dot com and we can discuss making your vision come together.

Love my naughty embroidery artwork and want to learn how to DIY embroidery? I’m also available to teach embroidery workshops in the Bay Area — email me for my rates & availability.

Keep in touch with me on a million-billion websites:
Scarlet Tentacle on Etsy
Scarlet Tentacle on Pinterest
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Scarlet Tentacle on Flickr
Scarlet Tentacle on Facebook
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Scarlet Tentacle ON THE MOON (OK not really but isn’t this the best?)

Also! If your charitable/service-oriented/sex-positive/etc. organization is doing an auction for charity or fundraising, I am more than likely to be quite willing to embroider your organization something special to give away – just ask! If you’re part of the Bay Area sex positive community, chances are you’ve seen me and/or my work at events like Femina Potens‘ Art of Restraint & the Thin Line Between Art & Sex, the Lyon-Martin fundraiser & skillshare, the Shibari Relief auction at Wicked Grounds and SF girls of Leather’s recent Mayday auction.

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3 thoughts on “About Kira Scarlet & Scarlet Tentacle

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  2. Thought you’d like to see some embroidery I’ve done from your colouring books

    Close up only I’m afraid, ‘unfortunately’ my mother-in-law checks my Flickr stream!

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