Cat Ladies Unite: a New Embroidery Pattern from Scarlet Tentacle

What have I done? Cat Ladies Unite, the embroidery pattern collection inspired by the madness of this coloring book greet card! This embroidery pattern collection for cat lovers is the first deluxe embroidery pattern kit I have published, with several more in the works; this deluxe pattern collection will also be available soon as part […]

Free Embroidery Pattern February

Inspired by this illustration from long ago, here’s a free embroidery pattern for February! As always, the pattern is free for personal, non-commercial use and if you do decide to embroider with it, send me a picture! I love seeing your embroidery projects. To get an XXL version of the pattern, click on the image […]

Scarlet Tentacle at Renegade Handmade, San Francisco 2013

Renegade Handmade in San Francisco was, oh, a week ago, and with that, the 2013 holiday season is officially over, as far as I’m concerned. Hooray! On to 2014 and new adventures and venues. Again with the less-than-great photos of my booth this year! I’m really happy with the layout, but not so with the […]

Scarlet Tentacle Winter Craft Show announcements

Big news, everybody! I’ve mostly finished moving into my new place, whose bathroom has now been fixed in such a way that the toilet is no longer in danger of falling through the floor into the basement. The place I now live still lacks functional hot water, but toilet-related bodily functions can now be performed […]

an illustration just because

Just dropping in to quickly share an old illustration I created for my last job that I don’t think I ever shared here. It’s one of my favorites — it’s illustrating a very long piece of medieval-themed erotica, hence the stained glass inspiration. Amity Simone was one of my porn pseudonyms for my last job […]

Renegade SF & Scarlet Tentacle on Sale!

Did I mention that Scarlet Tentacle would be at Renegade Handmade last weekend? As always, the show was great — the atmosphere is lots of fun, and it’s really inspiring to be among so many other incredible creative folks. Also: thanks to all the lovely people who came out to say hi — it’s so […]

SF Rengade Handmade is this weekend!

Last reminder, I swear! This Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 7pm Scarlet Tentacle will be at booth 25 in Fort Mason Center at San Francisco’s Renegade Handmade. I’ll have new, not-yet-released-on-the-internet coloring books for adults, greeting cards, posters, art prints and more. In addition to my coloring books for adults & other naughty sundries, […]

Renegade Handmade sneak peek!

I’m in the middle of preparing to vend at Renegade Handmade on July 27th & 28th — here are a few shots of my preparation! This is the stack of coloring book pages I need to fold and assemble. This stack iss somewhere between 700 and 800 pages of paper and is not the end […]

Between a Butch & a Femme Place

Are you a fan of Scarlet Tentacle? Chances are yes, seeing as you’re here. If so, you might like a new project that I’m working on: It’s called Between a Butch & a Femme Place, and it’s a personal project about body image, fashion, gender identity, gender presentation, queerness, intersectionality and more, and it’s got […]

Scarlet Tentacle at SF Renegade Handmade July 27-28th

It’s that time of year again: Scarlet Tentacle will be at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason this July 27th & 28th. I’ll be at booth 25 with my just-under-6-feet-tall wooden pin-up sign both days & will have oodles of brand new merchandise debuting at the fair; there will also be 249 other […]

Pontification on Wooden Pin-Up Work in Progress

Hello and welcome to this edition of Scarlet Tentacle’s Ye Olde Pin-Upe Woodshoppe, in which I will share in exhaustive detail how to construct a nearly 6 foot tall wooden automaton constructed out of plywood, ink, sweat, tears, acetone and unicorn hairs. I know! It’s everything you never knew you wanted! Step one, not pictured: […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: red ink corrections

Here’s the part of my process where I scribble extensively over all of my work in an attempt to not forget the changes I want to make the next day — and since it’s digital ink, no layers were harmed in the marking of these corrections. Can you guess what the subject matter of this […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: Fun with Vexel Art

Here’s a quick peek at what I’m currently working on this fine Wednesday afternoon: this is a smallish part of a rather overdue poster for a local singer who did a itty-bitty concert at a friend’s house during the Hot Tub Fundraiser! I still need to do some rather significant work on the entire thing […]

Sexy Zombies Attack! An undead coloring book for adults from Scarlet Tentacle

Oh hey, it’s a new coloring book full of sexy zombies, now available in the Scarlet Tentacle shop! Here’s the Official Description: Sexy Zombies Attack! is an adult coloring book that features cover to cover bloodthirsty brain-crazy pin-up zombies, all dangerously ravenous, curvy and delightful. This bevy of brainy ladies comes ready for you to […]

Free Embroidery Pattern: Pole Dancing

In honor of it being June, I decided that it was far past time to offer another free embroidery pattern! Click past the jump for the entire pole-dancing embroidery pattern! 

WIP Wednesday, Oh No edition

Blog posts, file under: things I forgot to do before I went out of town for a week. Here’s a quick portion of a larger piece I’m currently working on, which involves zombies, pin-up girls, pulp magazines and the new-to-me Monoprice tablet, which is amazing.

Work in Progress Wednesday: a new project!

Here’s a quick peek at the as-yet-unannounced project I’m currently working on this lovely Wednesday evening. Logos are simultaneously so much fun and so complicated, especially when you are your own client. I’m having a lot of fun messing around with non-digital textures for this project — for example, this image has drafts done in […]

Workday Sounds: a little bit country, a little bit slide guitar

Why hello, it’s Friday night and I am neck-deep in all kinds of work. Here’s the playlist that’s currently on an endless loop in my office: it’s a little bit country, a little bit slide guitar and a little bit illustrated with the Noisettes’ Shingai Shoniwa & lyrics from their bad-ass song Don’t Give Up. Ready […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: Congratulations Delaware!

As of May 7th, 2013, the state of Delaware became the 11th state in the USA to legalize same-se marriages!  This work-in-progress shot from last week of one of my redwork embroidered pieces seems particularly appropriate to share today. Also, Delaware, we need to talk about what the hell is going on with your state […]

Things I’m Reading: Butch, Please

Over on, Kate wrote a thought-provoking article about the shape that misogyny often takes within queer communities. As someone who has spent the last several months becoming more involved in the queer social scene in the Bay Area while swinging wildly through multiple facets of the gender presentation spectrum, from high femme to androgynous queer […]